Friday, November 2, 2012

First look at Muchas Gracia Senor Lobo

Yesterday the long awaited Paul Naschy book published by those fine folks at Creepy Images arrived in the mail. Muchas Gracia Senor Lobo takes it's cue from the Creepy Images magazine, and compiles an exhaustive collection of globe-spanning advertising materials for the Horror films of Paul Naschy - 30 films are featured from the 1960's to the 1980's - some numbers: the hardback book contains 392 color pages, more than 1,200 pictures, including more than 170 movie posters, almost 750 lobby cards, over 100 press stills, more than 100 reproductions of admats and rare sales materials. The book is simply extraordinary.

I've taken a few pics to give a flavour of what the book contains. I hasten to add that the pictures are only an approximation of the book's ultra-high quality. The pages are so glossy I had to dumb down the light to avoid glare.

The book can be ordered direct from Creepy Images HQ or FAB Press.


James Gracey said...

Gosh. Them's some BEAUTIFUL film posters. Looks like a treasure trove of a book - thanks for sharing.

Jon T said...

I had a flick through the other day - it does look amazing. Not only the posters but all the rare lobby cards as well. Stunning.

venoms5 said...

I have this book, too. A lavishly compiled volume.

vwstieber said...

I highly recommend the book ! The illustrations are, as you say, magnificent, but do not overlook the scholarly, well researched writing. Mr. Benzel provides a wealth of detail about the business of advertising ephemera.

psynno said...

I really want this - the film posters above are works of art.

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